Lab-Tips® Point Tip Foam Head ESD Swab (LTO70PESD20)


The LTO70PESD swab with pointed head features an ESD safe handle, engineered with static dissipative polymer. Its laundered open cell foam head combines, superior cleanliness with particle entrapment capability. Its ridged head design further enhances cleaning efficiency. The small tapered handle and rigid tip provide maximum control.

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Key Attributes

  • Cleanroom laundered polyurethane foam over rigid tip
  • 100 ppi open cell foam
  • Static dissipative (ESD Safe)
  • polypropylene handle with thermally bonded head
  • Laundered and packaged in ISO Class 4 {Class 10} cleanroom


  • Low particles, fibers, ions and extractables
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Soft and non-abrasive with no contaminating adhesives
  • Free from Silicone, amides and DOP
  • Ridged surface for improved cleaning ability
  • Packaged in an anti-static bag


  • Designed for the highest level of contamination control in critical processing applications
  • Applying lubricants, adhesives or other liquids
  • Removing excess materials
  • Static-sensitive applications


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