BCR® Mop 2 (Large Flat Mop Frame)


Berkshire’s cleanroom mops are designed for the easy removal of contamination from floors and the distribution of disinfectants. The BCR® 2 Large Flat Mop Frame has a lightweight aluminum construction that is easy to manage for extended periods of time. It features a 360-degree swivel head with locking mechanism. Spring clips make for easy gripping and change over of mop cloths.

Handle and mop substrates are ordered separately.

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Key Attributes

Berkshire’s Flat Mop Head is light and easy to maneuver, even with wet wipers attached. The stainless steel springs or plastic eyes
hold multiple mop wipers in place and are very easy to operate. The bottom of the mop is smooth and has no lines or grooves where
bacteria or other contamination can settle.

  • Clean, light and durable
  • High quality anodized aluminum
  • Autoclavable*
  • *Plastic Eyes are not autoclavable
  • Unique stainless steel spring mechanisms for wiper attachment (Mop 2)


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