Ultra-Seal® 3000

Berkshire UltraSeal® 3000 is a high-sorbency, tubular, sealed-edge, cleanroom-laundered, two-ply wipe recommended for use in controlled environments rated ISO Class 3 and above. It is composed of 100% continuous filament polyester knit fabric. These properties provide UltraSeal® 3000 wiper with the highest levels of cleanliness, abrasion resistance, and chemical compatibility required for applications in which critical control of contaminants is necessary. UltraSeal® 3000 provides excellent cleaning effectiveness in tough applications due to its patented edge seal and pinsonic wipe design.


Berkshire Singapore Technical Datasheet - UltraSeal3000 9x9View Product Information Sheet

Berkshire Singapore Technical Datasheet - UltraSeal3000 12x12View Product Information Sheet


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