Discover the truth about Lint Free Wipes

Did You Know: There Is No Such Thing As A Lint-Free Wipe?

“Lint-free” is a misnomer. How can that be? This often comes as a surprise to many of our customers who are often told that their applications require a lint-free wipe. Particle testing under both wet and dry conditions reveals that even the cleanest of wipes can never be completely free of the presence of lint and particle generation. “Lint” is a catch-all term referring to the short, fine fibers that separate from the surface of cloth or yarn. Lint is a consequence of using fabrics to make wipers, whether those fabrics are man-made polyester or nylon, natural materials such as cotton or cellulose, or blends such as hydro-entangled polyester-cellulose. Use a fabric, and you can’t escape the presence of accompanying lint.

For 50 years, we have been the global leader in the research and development of wipes with the lowest particle generation and non-shedding properties for critical applications in cleanrooms and other controlled environments. While there is no such thing as a truly “lint-free wipe”, there are, however wipes that are virtually lint-free due to their denser and synthetic composition which will not separate from the surface compared to cellulose or cotton based wipes. Our Knitted polyester wipes provide the highest level of protection for the most critical controlled environments due to their dense and tightly woven construction. In addition, design features such as ultrasonically sealed edges ensure even less particle generation and shedding. In many cases, depending on your environment classification, a high quality poly-cellulose wipe such as Durx® 670 would fit the needs for many industrial applications or ISO rated 5+ cleanroom environments. If you are looking for the lowest linting wipes available in the market today, then look no further, discover the Berkshire difference today! We offer free samples and expert advice every step of the journey. Lint free wipes are also known as lint free disposable wipes, lint free paper towels, and low lint paper towels.