CapSure®-LP Edge


Berkshire CapSure®–LP Edge wipe features four sealed-edge sides. This cleanroom laundered wipe is specially engineered for exceptional surface cleaning. A patented (#8,431,497) surface treatment enables the wipe to capture and retain particulate contamination, resulting in a more efficient cleaning. CapSure®–LP Edge is an abrasive-resistant, contamination control wipe recommended for cleanroom environments rated ISO Class 3 and above.

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Key Attributes

  • Patented surface treatment captures and retains particulate contamination, Patent #8,431,497
  • 100% continuous filament polyester knit
  • 4-side sealed border
  • Laundered and packaged in Berkshire’s ISO Class 4 cleanroom


  • Critically low particles, fibers and extractables
  • 4-side border sealed edges increase durability and minimize fiber and particle release during use
  • Airborne particle release 80% lower than competitive particle attraction wipers
  • Captures 42 times more particles than competitive (untreated) wipers
  • Retains 93% of particles captured
  • Excellent combination of cleanliness, absorbency and abrasion resistance
  • Immediate adsorption of liquids for efficient spill clean-up
  • Steam autoclavable for use in aseptic environments


  • Designed for use in ISO Class 3 and higher cleanroom environments
  • Designed for the highest level of contamination control in critical processing applications
  • Oxidation, Metallization, CVD or Photolithography processes
  • Chamber cleaning and CMP processing
  • Stencil and other print roll cleaning applications
  • Steam autoclavable for aseptic applications
  • Cleaning of medical device products
  • Applying and removing cleaning and disinfecting solutions


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