MicroSeal® 1200


Berkshire MicroSeal® 1200 is a highly absorbent, ultrasonically sealed, 100% polyester wipe designed to address specific absorbency concerns. MicroSeal® 1200 is recommended for controlled or cleanroom environments rated ISO Class 3 and above. The wipe sports the highest levels of cleanliness, abrasion resistance, and chemical compatibility required for applications in which critical control of contaminants is needed.

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Key Attributes

The same wipe material can be provided in pre-wetted formats for reduced VOC emissions, increased convenience, increased productivity, improved solvent control and cleaning protocol repeatability and reduced costs.

For aseptic processing areas, the same wipe material can be provided in a gamma irradiated validated sterile to a 10–6 sterility assurance level. Dry and pre-wetted versions available.

  • 100% continuous filament polyester knit
  • Ultrasonically sealed edge for reduced fiber contamination
  • Laundered and packaged in Berkshire’s ISO Class 4 cleanroom


  • Critically low particles, fibers, ions and extractables
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Chemically compatible with IPA, Acetone and other solvents
  • High absorbency
  • Low endotoxin levels
  • Weight and caliper provide an excellent hand for cleaning rough surfaces


  • Designed for use in ISO Class 3 and higher cleanroom environments
  • Designed for the highest level of contamination control in critical processing applications
  • Oxidation, Metallization, CVD or Photolithography processes
  • Chamber cleaning and CMP processing
  • Stencil and other print roll cleaning applications
  • Steam autoclavable for aseptic applications
  • Cleaning of medical device products
  • Applying and removing cleaning and disinfecting solutions


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