Berkshire is pleased to announce the launch of DuoClean™, an Advanced Cleaning System with a dual action line of wipes and chemistries featuring our patent pending burstable dry-to-wet pouch. If you are currently buying bulk chemistries, diluting and filtering, you know the reality of added storage, error, labor, & waste costs along with contamination issues transferring to a squirt bottle. If you are using premixed spray bottles, you also have to be concerned about operator error with over spraying the surface and the ramifications. Unlike other disinfectant wipes that are delivered presaturated, with just 3 easy steps the DuoClean™ wipes and chemistry are activated at the point of use. There is no efficacy or waste issue since you use the 15 wipe pack the same shift/session. Repacking contaminated or unused wipes for easy discarding is a snap with the peel and reseal pack.