DuoClean™ Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes

DuoClean™ Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes provide convenience, consistency, and the disinfectant capabilities of hydrogen peroxide for cleaning a wide array of cleanroom surfaces. Featuring our patent-pending burstable pouch wet-to-dry technology focused on the operator in a scalable session format. This point of use solution provides added value by eliminating the need for spraying, mixing, measuring, storage, and buying bulk chemicals. In addition, DuoClean™ solves the problem facing many highly regulated industries that want the convenience of a pre-saturated disinfectant wipe which had traditionally been difficult to stabilize in pre-saturated formats due to highly reactivate oxidizing chemicals that can interfere with efficacy. At last, convenience and efficacy have been combined. Meet DuoClean™, bursting the old cleanroom cleaning paradigm. Request a free sample today!



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