EcoClean® 35


Berkshire’s EcoClean® line of wipe products is a class of nonwoven materials that is sustainable and 100% biodegradable. The EcoClean® wipe is composed of U.S.-sourced cotton fibers and is manufactured by a proprietary process for low fiber release and high levels of strength. Unlike a traditional cotton twill wipe, EcoClean® features low ionic traces and low fibers release. EcoClean® 35 is offered in a quarter-folded format.

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Key Attributes

  • 100% nonwoven cotton
  • Manufactured by a proprietary process for low fiber release and high strength
  • No binders or other additives
  • Low ionic contamination
  • Quarter folded to fit the hand and promote proper wiping technique


  • Apertured surface aids in particle pick up and entrapment
  • Heat resistant
  • Highly absorbent
  • Soft


  • Designed for use in ISO Class 5 and higher cleanroom environments and USP applications
  • Cleaning high temperature production equipment and diffusion furnaces
  • Absorbent, low linting work surface material
  • Optical
  • Critical industrial applications where absorbency and softness are critical
  • Cleaning of support/less critical areas and manufacturing processes in regulated environments
  • USP – A good upgrade from gauze


  • Light weight, high absorbency design reduces landfill waste impact when compared to more traditional heavier weight products
  • EcoClean® is 100% biodegradable and renewable


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