Activated Charcoal – Could This Ingredient Be An Ice Cream Game Changer?

black ice cream

The heat index is rising. The mercury is heading skyward. And we are all searching for ways to cool off this summer. So inevitably our thoughts turn to ice-cream – what could be better? Soft and creamy, pure white with speckles of vanilla bean. Or how about onyx black? In a black waffle cone? It’s this season’s new thing. Activated charcoal, the residue of burning young coconut shells, is the latest secret ingredient to hit the streets. But we wondered how safe is the supply chain and how can we be sure of its purity?

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How Will Concept Cars Get Us to Mars?

Mars, The Schiaparelli Hemisphere

We are unashamedly geeks here at Berkshire Corp. We love technology, revel in innovation, and eat-drink-breathe science. We embrace our nerdy sides, and promote our dorkiness. Why? Because we believe in blue-sky projects, wild and crazy ideas that contribute to our society, shape our future, and make life just that little bit easier, more rewarding, and simply better. Oh, and because allowing our imaginations free rein makes great business sense and is just plain fun. … Read more

How Much Do You Know About the New Generation of Cannabis-Edibles?

Bunch of homemade chocolate truffles with marijuana leaves

Doobie, aunt mary, skunk, ganja, grass – whatever you call it, marijuana is in the news. Historically classified by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) as a Schedule 1 narcotic, the herb has recently been legalized for both medical and recreational use in the state of California and beyond, and the discussion around its use and potential benefits is flooding mainstream dialogue.(1) No longer regarded as the quintessential hippie, drop-out drug of the pot-smoking sixties, the iconic cannabis plant with its ultra-recognizable seven-pointed leaf is enjoying a rebirth as a plant with a bright new future. And the future is neither smoke nor mirrors – this future is edible.


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