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Microfiber Wipers Parts I & II – I Can See Clearly Now!

eye glasses and microfiber

The Microfiber Revolution is upon us. A polyester/nylon blend or just polyester by itself is what makes up the cleaning cloth that came with your glasses. The unique makeup of these microfibers allows for the cleaning of your sensitive optics. Find out the real difference these microfiber wipes make by examining our two part series […]

The Microfiber Revolution

Microfiber Clean Room Wipes

Microdenier cleanrom wipers do not appear much different than standard knit polyester wipers but they are very soft to the touch. This makes them ideal for cleaning applications of delicate surfaces. Furthermore, microdenier wipers can be dampened with (i) deionized water (DIW) or (ii) isopropyl alcohol – DIW mixtures of any proportion. Another benefit is […]