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Exploring the Insanitary/Unsanitary Conundrum – Compounding Pharmacies

black mold

Insanitary. Unsanitary. Do you know the difference? As members of the contamination control industry it is important for us to realize the gravity of preparing, packing, and housing materials that are used in critical environments. With contamination risks on the rise the Food and Drug Administration is keeping a close eye on compounding pharmacies. As […]

When is a Pharmacy Not a Pharmacy? Or ‘A Horse of a Different Color.’

ack in the ‘Old Country,’ polo is considered the ‘sport of kings.’ On any given day, weak sunshine bathing the pitch in a pale golden glow, the upper crust of the English horsey elite will gather for this centuries-old game of speed and tactic. Dukes and earls rub shoulders with up-and-coming titans of industry and […]