The Future of Flight: How Will 3D-Printing Make Travel Faster, Cheaper, and Safer?

Airplane Wireframe

It’s no secret that additive manufacturing – more commonly known as 3-D printing – is a technology that is coming of age. From churning out replacement hip joints to creating fruit packing robots to serving up slices of piping hot pizza, additive technology is flying high. How high? Forty-three thousand feet according to the FAA. Meet your new wings – the Boeing 777X jet liner – which is breaking records and expectations with its 3D-printed components… Read more at

Direct from the…3D printer – Pizza, Hot and Fresh?

Chicago Style Deep Dish Cheese Pizza

A process only though possible on science fiction television shows and movies is coming to a spacecraft near you.  Well maybe not near you quite yet, unless you are 270 miles above the planet.  A NASA engineer has won a 6 month, $125,000 grant for creating a food synthesizer prototype.  Pizza, a global food obsession was his first target with the machine.  The result a robot made, 3D printed pizza in under three minutes.

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