SatPax® MFLP WFI Low Endotoxin

SatPax® MFLP LE is a non-sterile pre-saturated low endotoxin wipe engineered for advanced performance and minimizing the presence of harmful exotoxins in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and other key regulated industries. This wipe is presaturated with a 70% IPA and 30% WFI (water for injection) prepared using a validated aseptic sterile filtration process Comprised of a specially formulated blend of polyester and DuPont Lyocell, this wipe excels at wiping delicate and scratch prone surfaces while providing outstanding absorbency. The advanced construction and particle entrapment capabilities serve as a powerful vehicle for removing endotoxins from surfaces, end-products, or processes without adding additional risk from wipes not tested for low endotoxin levels. In addition, all of our low endotoxin wipes are lot-to-lot tested to ensure they meet or exceed the requirements set by USP & FDA standards based on the maximum allowable thresholds for endotoxins across key regulated industries.




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