SatPax® MicroSeal®-VP WFI Low Endotoxin

SatPax® MicroSeal®-VP WFI LE is a non-sterile pre-saturated polyester sealed-edge low endotoxin wipe that provides maximum protection when it comes to critically low particle generation, chemical compatibility, and abrasion resistance for the most critical cleaning applications for the medical device, pharmaceutical, and other regulated industries where the smallest measure can make the biggest difference. This wipe is pre-wetted with a 70% IPA and 30% WFI (water for injection) prepared using a validated aseptic sterile filtration process. Our patented surface treatment enables the SatPax® MicroSeal®-VP WFI LE to capture and retain particulate contamination including endotoxins well beyond the capabilities of a typical polyester sealed edge clean room wipe. In addition, a no-run interlock knit construction provides a smooth surface texture and excellent absorbency. In addition, all of our low endotoxin wipes are lot-to-lot tested to ensure they meet or exceed the requirements set by USP & FDA standards based on the maximum allowable thresholds for endotoxins across key regulated industries.




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