Sterile SatPax® 550 WFI Low Endotoxin

Sterile SatPax® 550 WFI LE is a sterile pre-saturated low endotoxin wipe comprised of an exceptionally clean 100% meltblown polypropylene non-woven substrate. This wipe is pre-wetted with a 70% IPA and 30% WFI (water for injection) prepared using a validated aseptic sterile filtration process. The advanced construction and particle entrapment capabilities serve as a powerful vehicle for removing endotoxins from surfaces, end-products, or processes without adding additional risk from wipes not tested for endotoxin levels. Sterile SatPax® 550 WFI LE is a validated sterile product that is gamma irradiated to assure sterility. In addition, all of our low endotoxin wipes are lot-to-lot tested to ensure they meet or exceed the requirements set by USP & FDA standards based on the maximum allowable thresholds for endotoxins across key regulated industries.




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