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What are Cleanroom Wipes Used For

Cleanroom wipes also known as wipers within the cleanroom industry are a crucial consumable product used for a wide array of key applications such as spill control and most notably cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces. In addition, cleanroom wipes are used in more nuanced applications as well such as cleaning a newly manufactured medical device, […]

When is a Pharmacy Not a Pharmacy? Or ‘A Horse of a Different Color.’

ack in the ‘Old Country,’ polo is considered the ‘sport of kings.’ On any given day, weak sunshine bathing the pitch in a pale golden glow, the upper crust of the English horsey elite will gather for this centuries-old game of speed and tactic. Dukes and earls rub shoulders with up-and-coming titans of industry and […]

The Microfiber Revolution

Microfiber Clean Room Wipes

Microdenier cleanrom wipers do not appear much different than standard knit polyester wipers but they are very soft to the touch. This makes them ideal for cleaning applications of delicate surfaces. Furthermore, microdenier wipers can be dampened with (i) deionized water (DIW) or (ii) isopropyl alcohol – DIW mixtures of any proportion. Another benefit is […]